How to Ride a Camel, a Beset advice from Expert

January 10, 2018

How to Ride a Camel, a Beset advice from Expert

There is no other creature to navigate wild desert than a camel-the ship of desert. Do you feel anxious to ride on a camel in Dubai-style? At that point this 4-hour morning desert encounter packs in a Dubai camel ride, in addition to three other energizing exercises. How to Ride a Camel. Explore the magnificent desert and right on time in a 4×4 with a specialist guide, and touch base at a conventional camel farm. Snap photographs of the four legged humped mammals, and take a camel ride over the sands. Refresh your morning with an exciting quad bicycle ride, and afterwards, take to a sand board to, slide and slip down the hills.

All you have to do is to leave your Dubai lodging early in the day to move into the sandy land via aerated and cooled 4×4. Complimentary soft drinks and mineral water are accessible amid your experience so don’t hesitate to take a drink at whatever point you wish. Look at the vast plains filled with hot sand on course and hear captivating stories about the locale’s history and topography from the guide. After roughly 60 minutes, pull up at your destination and jump in light on a quad bicycle. After a training on security guidelines and directions, lash on your protective cap, and take off with the guide to lead you towards the journey of thrill and adventure.

How to Ride a Camel
How to Ride a Camel

Flee across the dusty trails and thunder here and there throughout the barren slopes. Appreciate the all-encompassing perspectives as you drive and stop for photographs en route. Next, visit a camel ranch and see the hard-core herbivores that have been serving the Bedouin communities for quite a long time to help them move across the desert plains. Snap photos of the lovely animals and the charming youthful camels in the fenced in areas.
After that, get ready to hop over onto the camel’s back to enjoy a noteworthy camel ride. Ace the creature’s moving stride with tips from your guide, and realize why and how these durable creatures are considered to be the perfect means of travel in the desert area. How to Ride a Camel

After finishing your ride, be prepared for the thrilling game of sand boarding that has been a fantasy for all the adventure seekers. Snatch a provided sand board and slide and slip down the ridges like a snowboarder. Feel the adrenalin rush into your veins as you skid down the sands with fantastic velocity, Challenge your kindred voyagers to an adrenalin-pumping race. After your sand boarding session, complete your visit with drop-off back at your Dubai lodging.

How to Ride a Camel with 3 Steps


Step 1: How to Get On a Camel In Dubai Desert Safari Camp

Camels possess a side-to-side walking style that may cause a lot of friction in riding them if you aren’t prepared. However, theirs is nothing to worry about as all the Camels In Desert Safari Camp are trained educated for riding purpose. The only component we would like to suggest you is that you should try to put on a long pant if you do not like to grind your legs with the rough camel fur, which may cause bruising while wearing shorts. You should also try to wear a bandanna that can provide protection to your face from sand or dirt as the weather in desert is quite unpredictable and a sand storm can approach within no time in the Arabian Desert.

Camels are pleasant with human beings & have ideal using document from the records to date. Just enjoy, take pictures, make movies of your Dubai barren region safari trip, Our professionally skilled camel & guide is along with you to take care of relaxation things

2: Approach from facet in a confident manner to sit on the camel:

In case if you are riding for the first time and are nervous to ride, then avoid trying to look at directly at the camel and make eye contact. Camels can feel intimidated from the gesture and posture of the person when the riders are nervous themselves. This makes the camel even more nervous and ultimately it becomes difficult to keep hold on this savage creature. However, it becomes relatively easier and end up getting less complicated when the professional guide is accompanying you and is rather holding the rope of the camel while walking in front of it, or is driving the camel by himself, Just stride up to it by lifting yourself up from a diagonal angle, throw your leg over the center of the humps and rapidly mount it..

3: Amuse yourself with the Ride & Relax :

This isn’t always just for peace of mind. Relax & take a deep breath, It helps you to calm yourself down. Camels are friendly with humans & have proven intimacy with them since long. Just enjoy, take pictures, make movies of your Dubai desert safari dubai trip. Our professionally skilled camel & guide is along with you to take care of rest of the things.
General Instructions: How to Ride a Camel

You should not worry about the wait you are carrying with you. Generally, a camel can lift about four hundred pounds over the distance of 25 miles in a day. So it may not be troubled about how many garments you are wearing while riding. But you might get bothered by putting too much clothes on, so you should avoid over-wearing them, mainly when it is hot. camel riding experience

Try to wear some cosy clothes. As riding up on a camel requires flexibility; therefore, walking or hiking clothes are a suitable choice. Baggy clothing can help you achieve this flexibility and let you ride with greater ease. The simple rule is: if you can take a seat in the apparel on the ground, you can sit with it on a camel as well.

Prefer lengthy pants, slacks or jeans. Camels have fleas, they can spit, and camel hair can be scratchy against a naked leg. By protecting up, you will additionally defend your legs from the sunshine and the doable for getting saddle sores, precipitated with the aid of friction.[2]

Layer your clothing. Layering will let you do away with layers if you get too hot, and put them again on if you are feeling chilled.

Take a wind jacket. You’re up higher, so you will get some wind reaction. Roll it up and region it in a pocket, or tie it around your waist.

Wear a hat. Keep the solar off your face as you amble alongside on your camel. A hat with a tie-on is the first-rate choice.
Consider sporting a Legionnaire’s style sun hat, with the lengthy piece overlaying your neck as well.
Wear shades to maintain your eyes shaded
Wear comfortable shoes. Bare feet are not recommended around an animal as large as a camel. It could step on your feet and cause a lot of harm. In addition, avoid wearing any shoes that are not strapped or tied on. Camels can jolt, and you don’t want shoe loss holding back your enjoyment.

Wear hiking or walking shoes, covered sandals, sneakers etc.
Expect the clothing to get dirty and perhaps a bit smelly. While a saddle might protect you from some odor transfer, expect some grime to mark your clothing, as is normal for any outdoor activity

Consider local culture. If you’re riding a camel where women are expected to cover up, be modest and don’t be a tourist in skimpy clothing. Wear a t-shirt and pants at a minimum.
Camels don’t actually sweat much. However, they still have their own camel odor, so it’s a good idea to wear easily washable clothes that will dry fast if you’re traveling.

For a little fun, you could indulge in the glamor look of Sex and the City but you will look out of place in the less than glamorous places you would normally expect to ride a camel. While the camel doesn’t care what you wear, your friends might! Still, if you want this look, you could wear harem pants, gold turban, and a crystal studded belt. And if you want to take it to the nth degree, you could even wear high heels if you want to emulate the camel riding exploits of Paris Hilton in Dubai. It’s not advised but it might make a fabulous photo opportunity!


Don’t wear thong underwear when riding if you value comfort.
Camels spit and drool. Don’t wear your Sunday best.
Any part of your skin that comes in contact with the saddle can result in saddle sores. Avoid this happening by covering up!

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