Tour Desert Safari Dubai – Amazing tour of Desert

January 30, 2018

Tour Desert Safari Dubai – Amazing tour of Desert

The most exciting thing in Dubai is to tour desert safari Dubai. The visit to desert is very good you can enjoy a lot in the desert safari Dubai. With the help of our best services you can enjoy very well in desert in our package we are providing different things.

Package include:

  • Camel Riding
  • Dune Bashing
  • Belly Dance
  • Henna Painting
  • Dinner
  • Camel Riding

You can ride camel in desert you enjoy it alot. Camel riding in tour desert safari Dubai is very intresting almost all our customers enjoy camel riding very much i hope that you can also enjoy.

Dune Bashing

Dunne bashing is also very interesting in this tour many of the tourist come again and again  to enjoy this ride in desert. Dune bashing is very interesting and adventures ride in desert all of tourist enjoy dune bashing very much.

Belly Dance

Along with the dinner you can enjoy famous Dubai dance belly dance. In the desert the fragrance of sand and this dance amaze you very much. Many of the tourist come again and again to enjoy the word famous belly dance. We are hopping that you can also enjoy this amazing dance in desert and you can come again and again to enjoy this amazing dance in Desert Safari Dubai.

Henna painting – Tour Desert Safari Dubai

Appreciate The Henna Painting in our desert safari camp. Henna and Henna painting has been utilized for a long time. The leaves of the henna plant are dried and powdered to be blended into a glue which is utilized to color the skin, hair, nails and even texture and calfskin. Henna painting is the custom in Arab nations. Henna has been utilized as a trade for tattoos. Have you at any point had an ink or paint recolor staring you in the face that appeared to take a long time to blur? Henna works by much a similar rule. Connected to the surface of the skin, it recolors down through the external layer, leaving marks that can keep going for the majority of a month. Since skin is continually developing, the henna will progressively blur and afterward wear off totally. You enjoy this henna painting in tour Desert safari Dubai

Dinner in Desert Safari Dubai

After all and all you can enjoy the dinner in desert safari Dubai. This was the amazing dinner in the desert all the peoples enjoy dinner in desert very much. Dinner in desert is very delicious it is very difficult to forget this dinner in desert.

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