Jet Ski in Dubai: Flyboard & Tour

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Jet Ski in Dubai: Flyboard & Tour

At the point when energy is driving your fantasy, that’s the moment at which jet skiing is ready to take you over for a lively experience. Jet Ski in Dubai. Over 10 years of involvement with Jet skis as a leisure activity and by the inspiration of our consumers, we have transformed this game from business to a source of thrill, excitement, and fun. Every place of Dubai marks an impression of a long lasting memory to the visitor; however, none of their thrill is comparable to the the doused up sandy shoreline of Jumeriah. All the tourists come to Dubai to get something; some get their business motives, some get a job, and others just to grab the fun. For these fun-living tourists, Dubai is not less than a heaven. This shore has been visited by tourists. This visitor influx also included the lords and rulers who come to have the experience of their life time in these magnificent waters.

Skiing with us will reenergize your lost power and carry away all your tiredness. After taking a stroll in the Dubai Marina, dive into the profound waters. Drive a jet ski in the waters getting the influxes of the Great Arabian Sea. Have your mind boggling experience amidst the waves. Load up a yatch, do fly boarding, go for a banana or a doughnut ride, or dive into the deep ocean. Even better take a stream ski and go around the immense and delightful Palm Island, going through a portion of the world’s best high rises including the otherworldly Atlantis and huge Burj Al Arab. The sea offers you an extensive variety of experiences. We take it as our central aim to make you feel protected and safe without diminishing the quality of adventure you’re seeking. jet ski in Dubai

Jet Ski Dubai offers in Tour Services

Nothing can prove to be more refreshing in a hot desert land as is getting a ride over the fresh waters coming through the Arabian Sea. For all the adventure –seeking and funs-loving residents and visitors of Dubai, who hate to sit passively in a bus seat to visit the landmark sky scrapers of the Dubai city, jet-skiing is the ultimate way to quench your thirst of thrill. Just ride your favourite bike and set out to get the most fantastic experience of sight-seeing the Dubai heights.

A couple of years earlier, the maritime authorities braced down completely the utilization of jet ski in Dubai and it was relatively next to impossible to get a water bike on rent in the UAE. Adrenaline junkies needed to cover the distance as long as Ghantoot to satisfy their bike-riding crunch. However, over the recent couple of months, limitations have been quite uplifted and now jet skiing can be carried out across the coastline given that the unlicensed drivers are a part of a tour. This has given rise to the formation of various watersports companies who offer specialized trips and provide a squadron of dubai jet ski that splash over the water to see some of the most remarkable spots of the city.

In jets ski driving, it is truly simple to run the bike: just press the begin catch to switch on the motor; crush the correct lever to quicken; press the left lever to invert. Once you’re out of the little harbor, the whole ocean is full of amusement. The 1,800cc Yamaha jet ski are no joke and can achieve rates of up to 100kmph; however, achieving 50kmph feels like we’re flying. Quiet waters take into account smooth rides yet as you head further from the drift, the ocean turns out to be more uneven and you’ll end up taking off the seat as you find yourself crush up and over the waves. It’s hair-raising yet absolutely addictive. In the time that you’ll spend on the bike, you’ll dash over the coastline passing Burj Al Arab, Barasti and JBR before taking off to the ocean and the distance around the Palm Jumeirah – while catching lots of photographs of your adventure, and stopping before Atlantis- The Palm and Burj Al Arab for the milestone snap. jet ski dubai jumeirah beach

Jetski a Rent & Flyboard Dubai

While jet skiing is currently promptly accessible in Dubai, remember that they can be unsafe to others and, in addition, to yourself, so before taking on a bike to start skiing, you need to follow some general but essential instructions: always wear a protective coat, stay conscious about different drivers moving by your sides, keep far from the shore and the swimmers, follow all conduit standards and speed limits, and check around before changing your path. jet ski dubai price in Dubai.

The tour is suitable for novices, amateurs, and experienced alike. You will ride at your own speed, and the guide will make a few stops to let you take pictures to make your memories ever-lasting. Prior to the visit, the guide also clarifies you that how the fly ski functions. Then the guide will ensure your safety by preparing you for a safe ride and giving you some crucial instructions about what to do in order to make your ride more secure. You will likewise be given a safety jacket. A maximum of two people are allowed for a single ride. However, the drivers can switch their place if they want amidst the ride. For the driver, the age limit is set to be over 16 years; however, the accompanying traveler can be more youthful. Pregnant ladies are not prescribed for the ride for safety concerns. You have to give your ID before the trek so that you can gather you’re your belongings after the finish of the excursion.

If there should arise an occurrence of affirmation, it shall be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to the accessibility price of per fly ski. All the drivers must bring their unique travel permit. In the event of cancellation, if the cancellation is cleared no less than 7 day(s) ahead of time of the booked flight, there is no cancelation expense. In the event that you drop in the vicinity between 3 to 6 day(s) ahead of time of the planned flight, there is a 50 percent cancelation expense. In the event that you wipe out inside 2 day(s) of the booked flight, there shall be a 100 percent cancelation charge. cheap jet ski dubai

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Dubai International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
Airfare Accommodations
2 days cruise Professional guide
Entrance fees
Guide gratuity


9 AM to 6 PM (Depends on sunset & weather conditions)


    • 1 Bottle of mineral water
    • Jet Ski Ride for 30 or 60 minutes

Location: Jumeirah Beach ( Dubai )




Day 1: Departure

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Day 2

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Day 3

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Day 4

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Day 5

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Day 6: Return


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